M Financial Group


Since 1978, M Financial’s network of independent insurance, investment, and executive benefit firms have served the needs of ultra-affluent individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 companies.

The Power of M:

M Financial was founded on the principal that “off the shelf” products do not meet the needs of the ultra-affluent and corporate markets.  The client base of Member Firms represents the mortality experience of the ultra-affluent marketplace.  Access to this mortality experience data, combined with the collective buying power of these clients, translates into the ability to create proprietary products designed and priced specifically for the high net worth marketplace.

M Financial Re, is a life insurance reinsurance company owned by M Financial stockholders.  M Financial Re reinsures a large percentage of the business Member firms write, providing Members with an equity stake in their business and additional reinsurance capacity for large or complex cases.

Commitment to Policy Service:

The M Financial Group commitment to in-force business is another powerful advantage in the marketplace.  M Financial believes that the performance of a policy should be measured over the life of the contract not just the first premium payment.  M Financial is unique in the industry in both philosophy and practice.  The thinking that our first client is just as important as our next client provides a level of service rarely found in the industry.