Life Insurance – Business Owners

As a business owner you face many challenges and have to plan for many contingencies. Life insurance can be a valuable asset for your business.

Death benefit proceeds can inject the capital your business may need in the event of premature death.  Policy cash values can help you incentivize your very best employees.

  • Business Continuation – A capital infusion to aid in the continuation of business in the event of an owner’s death or disability.
  • Succession/Buy Sell – Provides liquidity to purchase the ownership interest of a deceased owner and position the surviving partner with all future control of the business.
  • Key Employee – Generates resources to aid in the search for a replacement in the event of a key employee’s death.
  • Executive Retention – Used in a variety of nonqualified benefit programs to help attract and retain key employees.
  • Debt Coverage – Creates a pool of money that can be used to pay off borrowed money.