Life Insurance – Individuals and Families

Life insurance can be the most powerful tool in the financial toolbox.  When structured properly, life insurance death benefits are income tax free and the cash values can be accessed tax free thus making it an appropriate solution for a variety of challenges that you or your family may face.

The flexibility of modern life insurance products help you manage the risk you face today and can be modified to meet your planning needs of tomorrow.

  • Family Coverage – Provides a source of cash for your surviving family members to help them with living expenses.
  • Estate Tax Liabilities – Life insurance can offer a substantial discount for the estate tax liability and provide liquidity.
  • Asset Creation – Insurance proceeds can be used to balance the distribution of assets to your heirs.
  • Supplemental Retirement Income – Life insurance can be designed to provide tax free retirement income and a potential hedge against higher income tax rates.
  • Alternative Asset Class – The tax free internal rate of return (IRR) at death can be an attractive investment for your balance sheet.
  • Debt Coverage – Life insurance proceeds can be used to pay off existing and future debt obligations.