Things to Consider When Choosing A Life Insurance Agent


Historically the process of obtaining life insurance was driven by relationship. In today’s marketplace the complexities of life insurance products and the distribution channels make it difficult to find the right agent. Some questions to consider in your selection process should be:


  • Is life insurance the primary business line for your agent?
  • Does the insurance professional have the experience necessary to meet your needs?
  • Does the insurance professional hold both a life and securities license to offer all product lines?
  • Does the insurance professional have enough influence with the carriers to impact underwriting?
  • Where does the insurance professional access the marketplace?
  • Are there any products the insurance professional cannot sell?
  • Is the product flexible enough to accommodate skipped premium payments?
  • Are the pricing assumptions of the product designed to look forward or backward?
  • Have the product assumptions been properly stress tested?
  • Is the carrier financially sound?
  • Does the carrier have a history of equitable treatment of existing policyholders?
  • What is the commitment level to policy service?
  • Does the agent have direct access to the underwriter and senior management?


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